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Performance physical therapy for the everyday athlete

Building athletes that can endure the peaks and valleys of life’s rugged terrain

Where Denver’s strongest go to perform their best and push their boundaries to new heights.

At Rugged Rehab and Strength, our team of dedicated Doctor of Physical Therapists offer personalized care that resolves around you. We are here to support your active and vibrant lifestyle, ensuring that you can continue to conquer mountains or excel in powerlifting competitions. Let us help you embrace your best life!

Your 3 Step Proces


Evaluate and Adjust

Prepare yourself for the most comprehensive assessment you've ever experienced. We go beyond mere symptom management. Our focus is on uncovering the underlying causes of your concerns and crafting a personalized plan to ensure that you never have to face them again. Get ready to regain control of your well-being and bid farewell to those challenges once and for all.



We focus on progressively mobilizing and strengthening key areas to enhance your foundational movements. By targeting these crucial areas, we aim to optimize your overall physical performance and help you reach your full potential.



Leverage the tools you’ve acquired to surpass your goals and embrace a fulfilling life, while conquering even bigger aspirations. With these newfound resources, you’ll have the power to soar to new heights and achieve greatness.

At Rugged, our performance therapy is designed to help strength athletes from all backgrounds in Denver and nearby areas return to their passions, free from pain. Even if you’ve exhausted other options, we are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to get you back to what you love.



How we do it

Performance Physical Therapy

  • One-on-One attention: During all performance physical therapy visits, you’ll receive personalized, one-on-one attention from our highly skilled therapists. This is where we evaluate/assess/analyze your unique needs, goals, and any specific areas of concern.
  • Constant reassessment: Optimizing movements while eliminating the root cause of your limitations or pain and always pivoting.
  • Enhancing your movements by addressing the underlying source of any limitations or discomfort you may be experiencing. Together, we can find ways to optimize your actions and adapt as needed.
  • Progressive Approach: Prioritizing gradual and progressive overload training that focus on mobilization and strengthening key areas to optimize foundational movements.
  • Ongoing Support: Throughout and between your visits, you will be provided with ongoing support, guidance, and education to empower you in your recovery journey. We are committed to helping you achieve long-lasting results.

Rugged Virtual

  • Remote Accessibility: Our virtual programming offers the convenience of accessing our expertise from the comfort of your own space.
  • Customized Approach: Through virtual sessions, we can deliver personalized exercise programs and guidance tailored to your specific goals and needs. Our therapists will ensure that you receive the same level of individualized attention and care.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Despite the physical distance, our virtual sessions enable live interaction and real-time feedback from your performance therapist.


Please note that while virtual programming offers many benefits, certain conditions may require in-person visits for a more hands-on approach. Our team will assess your specific situation and recommend the most suitable option for you.

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